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  • Campus Harvest 2015 Be a part of God's revolution!

Every Nation’s 2015 Campus Harvest Conference

Why do we care about the campus? Young, broke, sometimes frighteningly unrealistic…what power do students have? The future belongs to them. The ideologies that will dominate our culture tomorrow, the leaders that will steer our societies, these are being shaped in the classrooms and commons of the campus right now.

There’s a bigger cause on your campus than the things you’re presently worried about. Your campus is the gateway to our families, our cities, our nation, and to the nations of the earth. Are you equipped and ready to walk through them? Join us at Every Nation’s 2015 Campus Harvest Conference, and let’s change the world for the glory of God.

San Marcos, TX – Feb. 20-21  |  Jacksonville, FL – Feb. 27-28  |  Corvallis, OR – Mar. 20-21  |  Durham, NC – Mar. 27-28


Are you part of the shaping, or are you being shaped?